This is the way to the Lindenring Hostel

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The Lindenring Hostel is located in the hillsides of northern Hesse, the home of the Brothers Grimm. Surrounded by lakes and rivers and wooded hills the area boasts a spectacular amount of trails for hiking and biking. The Lindenring Hostel marks the halfway point of the pilgrimage trail (Elisabethpfad) from the Wartburg (castle) near Eisenach to the Elisabethkirche (church) in Marburg. The Elisabeth trail runs by our front doors and is crossed here in Ostheim by the Fulda-Efze-Bike-Trail R16. (Fulda and Efze are rivers)

Herberge am Lindenring
Lindenring 2
34323 Malsfeld-Ostheim
Ph.: 05661-9179526

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